16+ Nails Acrylic Designs For Pretties

It’s all well and good wanting acrylic nails but first, you need to make sure your actual nails can handle them. If you nails are brittle or weak then you need to get them back to optimal health before going near acrylics.

Ama Quashie, session manicurist and founder of AMA the salon, suggests jojoba oil as a natural strengthener. “Often a lot of nail strengtheners will have formaldehyde in them,” she warns. “A completely natural nail strengthener is jojoba oil – its one of the only oils that the nail fully absorbs.”

Did you know there are a million different options for false nails? Ok maybe not a million, but there’s definitely a lot. Do you want powder dip, gel acrylics or sculptured nails? Salons usually offer one of these types of false nails, so if you’re set on a specific formula/application, be sure to check the salon menu prior to booking.

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